LIBERTY STREET: ALIVE AT GROUND ZERO - Screening and Discussion by Author/Filmmaker Peter Josyph (April 10)

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Screening and Discussion by Author/Filmmaker Peter Josyph
Peter Josyph
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Peter Josyph spent a year and a half at Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks. Despite prohibitions against photography, Josyph was welcomed into the ruined neighborhood to shoot what became the award-winning Liberty Street: Alive at Ground Zero. This sojourn that turned him into what he calls “a citizen artist” also formed the basis of his memoir Liberty Street: Encounters at Ground Zero. Josyph: “Prying into the crevices and corners of chaos, I searched for clues with which to envision the morning of 9/11 and interpret its impact. But the project was also about the American character as discovered in a ghost world largely unseen and excluded from most mainstream narratives.”
The focus of the film is 114 Liberty Street, a few yards from the WTC on one of the oldest streets in the nation. This small residential building escaped demolition when the Twins went up, and narrowly escaped it when they were knocked down. In and around this evacuated building, Josyph was eyewitness to the recovery and the removal at Ground Zero, and to the lives of the people who were proud—and cursed—to call it home. Largely ignored by the media and official agencies, loyal Downtowners who ran for their lives from the collapse of the Twin Towers returned with a resolve to restore their world to order, determined not to be cowed by the specter of terrorism.
About Liberty Street, the New York Times said: “Through some truly haunting imagery, Mr. Josyph’s documentary reveals the cleanup effort in a way perhaps never seen before.” The All Movie Guide called it “an effecting tale of what it means to be a survivor.” And called it “a brilliant work of art and a crucially important film” that “should be required viewing by all Americans.”
Before and after this special screening of Liberty Street, Josyph will discuss his experience of filming in Lower Manhattan, as well the artistic challenge of how to render what he calls “this very great city on its knees, striving to stand up again.”

April 10, 2019
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7:00 PM
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9:30 PM
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