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Be the First to Bid $200 and Win "Path in the Woods" - 36" x 36" large scale giclee, slat framed by artist and ready to hang - Shain Bard

About the Artist

People often point to one of my paintings in a show and say they know that place. Then I know I have struck a chord in them, and yet, while they may be familiar with the territory, they are really only 'seeing' it for the first time. It is, of course, as much of an internal place as well as external. Nature and art are within and without us, something close to what I would call 'home.' It is those moments when we most fully connect to our surroundings, indeed with the world, those held-breath moments, that I am interested in.

I also see the idiosyncratic forms of nature as instruments in an orchestra, and light/color as the conductor. I become a conduit of that light as I create my paintings.

About the Painting

I think this painting is one of my most enjoyed and sold paintings, with many stories about the people who own one of the three originals and limited edition giclées (this one is the 9th out of twelve). The largest original, 48" x 48" was bought by a reverse commuter from the city, when he saw it hanging in the Artrium Gallery building in Melville. He worked in the building and drove to work in a small sports car, so he wanted to know how he would get it home to his bachelor's pad in the city, and I said I'd be happy to follow him home with the painting in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well, following another car into the city, let alone during rush hour, is most definitely a challenging feat, but we made it. He lived in this tall glass building overlooking the East River, and a doorman came with a cart to take the painting up to his apartment. The apartment was very cold, all grey and chrome and glass, with not one touch of having been lived in, nary even a soft pillow in sight. Well, we hung up this big 'walk-into' painting of this path in the woods, and it magically transformed the space to feel like a cozy summer cottage in the woods, and he was so did what art's magic can do, it brought him 'home.'

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July 6, 2020
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