Count Me In! Artist of the Day is... Susan Oliverio aka Susan Grace

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“Jellyfish", acrylic painting, 8” x 20” by 1” 
The sides of the painting are finished and it is strung to hang flat on the wall

About the Artist
Susan Oliverio (aka Susan Grace) believes that the creative process does not belong to the artist alone; that each viewer brings to the work a unique perspective culled from individual experience and knowledge.  There is type of symbiosis between the artist’s offering and the viewer’s reception which can be dynamic and variable from moment to moment.

Her artwork, whether painting or photography,  is an attempt to see, feel and reproduce in some way the beauty which surrounds her life.   Prior to embarking on her diverse professional background (nurse/attorney) and raising her large family (4 kids/9 grands), she studied at the Museum School in Boston where she developed her artistic intention to capture an essence and represent a feeling, rather than a "photographic" reproduction.  In many cases, she prefers not to make elaborate backgrounds but leave the subject speaking for itself.  

Her work has shown in various galleries from Chelsea NY, Park Slope Brooklyn, to Westchester and Long Island, including the Art League of Long Island’s "The Long Island Life" and "Essential Water" photography exhibits. Susan frequently participates in Juried art shows and festivals.  Her works are hanging in private collections and homes all across the country.

She appreciates the opportunity to share her world with you, her viewer.  She hopes to be successful at providing pleasure and a fresh awareness of the things she has represented. 

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June 18, 2020
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