Count Me In! Artist of the Day: Paola Giordano

Artist of the Day: Paola Giordano
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Statement Necklace: 
Matte, graduated, and natural amazonite stones are separated by sterling silver and hematite beads. 
Large pewter toggle closure. 
The necklace measures 26"- which hits at the bust line. 

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About the Artist:
Artist and Professional Jewelry Designer, Paola Giordano was born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island, NY. She has always had an artistic ability and began attending various art classes as a child. She furthered her study of art when she attended the University of Maryland, College Park, where she majored in Art History.
Paola developed Pagio Jewelry Designs (PJD) in 2003 following success with a line of hair clips and small jewelry pieces she was creating. She transitioned from the corporate world to full time professional jewelry artist in July 2015.
Pagio Jewelry Designs pieces are made utilizing the most unique and interesting semi-precious stones in conjunction with various precious metals (i.e.: brass, sterling silver, copper, pewter) in order to create one of a kind statement pieces of wearable art. Paola takes pride in each piece of jewelry that she creates. Her designs can range from the demure to the bold, and she enjoys experimenting, conceptualizing, and executing ideas. Paola designs and fabricates all of her work independently, and takes pride in craftsmanship. Pagio Jewelry Designs also specializes in custom pieces, redesign and/or repair work, and enjoys working with clients in order to meet their vision.
Pagio Jewelry Designs travels to and participates in between 35-40 juried art events from April through Christmas each year. In addition to selling at shows/events, Pagio Jewelry Designs work is carried in various boutique stores and galleries. You may also shop on line via the website- and follow Pagio Jewelry Designs on Facebook and Instagram.

Additional Accomplishments:
2014: Paola purchased a former Fed Ex truck, and revamped it to become what is known as "Long Island's First Mobile Art Gallery". The Gallery, known as "The Pagio Truck" primarily carried PJD pieces, but the Gallery also showcased the work of various fine craft artisans. "The Pagio Truck" was sold in February 2020 and is intended to be used as a fair-trade accessories boutique in the South.
10/2016: PJD was invited by Pottery Barn to host in store, pop up events in various store locations in order to showcase their new line of jewelry boxes.
05/2018 through 10/2018: Pagio Jewelry Designs launched "The Pagio Marketplace" which was a bi-monthly, pop-up event that took place on Thursday evenings in Huntington Village, NY. The Marketplace was similar to a Farmer's Market, but hosted fine craft artisans selling their wares in addition to live music. The purpose of the Marketplace was to promote local artists works, provide fine/skilled craftsmanship to the consumer and encourage the support of small businesses.

May 13, 2020
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