Class Supply Lists

Below are supply lists for the Art League’s classes and workshops. Please refer to the class description to see whether you need to purchase items prior to your first session. In most cases, you will find the list here. If you do not see a supply list for your class, please call the registration desk at (631) 462-5400 x222.

Drawing to Paint class 0046 with Laura Freeze.pdf64.62 KB
Everything in Pastel 2511 with Donna Moraff.pdf60.23 KB
Oil Painting for Beginner & Intermediate classs 2090 with Laura Meshover.pdf267.01 KB
Painting the Portrait & the Figure in Oil class 2077 with Nanette Fluhr.pdf113.93 KB
Sculptural Jewelry 3D Wax Carving 3045 with Dana Lagos.pdf99.82 KB
Watercolor Kindergarten for Adults class 1020 and 1040 with Roberta Erlagen.pdf69.59 KB
Young Artist Jewelry class 7202 with Dana Lagos.pdf249.2 KB
Landscape Painting with Doug Reina.pdf86.72 KB
Palatnik Michelle.pdf74.08 KB
Schulte-Smith Kelly Sail boat.pdf69.28 KB
Denis Ponsot Watercolor Class.pdf69.07 KB
Jean Haines Supply List.pdf88.67 KB
Gouache with Suzan Haeni.pdf100.28 KB
Watercolor Classes Lorraine Rimmelin.jpg160.22 KB
Larkin Kevin.pdf94.57 KB
Materials list for Cliff Miller's Workshop.pdf113.3 KB