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Watercolor: The Full Experience mornings (starts September)$195.00
Watercolor with Asian Brush Painting Technique (Start August)$185.00
Pour It On! (Saturday 9/15 & Sunday 9/16)$200.00
Loosen Up Your Landscapes! (October 27th & 28th)$200.00
Fundaments of Watercolor afternoon (starts September, afternoons)$290.00
Fundamentals of Watercolor evenings (starts November, evenings)$290.00
Fundamentals of Watercolor afternoon (starts November, afternoons)$290.00
Fundamentals of Watercolor (starts September, evenings)$290.00
Fluid Breakdown (November 10th & 11th)$170.00
Fearless Watercolor evening (starts October, evenings)$280.00
Fearless Watercolor evening (starts November, evenings) $280.00
Fearless Watercolor afternoons (starts October, afternoons)$280.00