Summer Art Adventure - Early Childhood

Summer Art Adventure - Early ChildhoodEARLY CHILDHOOD / Ages 5 - 6
AM Session only: 9:00am – 11:30am
Price per session: M: $240 / NM: $220
at Paumanok Elementary School
1 Seaman Neck Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746

Early childhood art specialists will guide your child through an exciting hands-on art experience. Children will engage in age appropriate art activities and be inspired by an artist and theme of the week. Explore drawing, painting, sculpture, craft and more, while developing artistic skills. Bring a snack and smock for a summer of artful experiences. Weekly art show to celebrate your child’s artistic accomplishments. Register Early.

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Session 1: " Fantastical Art Beasts " (5 days) July 8-12 (Mon.- Fri.)
Paint, sculpt, and illustrate a world of mythological animals, people and mystical places. Imagine what fantastical art beasts lie beyond that door in the tree trunk. What does your world look like? Study the Dragon installation at Caerphilly Castle, Wales and California artist, Devin Elle Kurtz’s digital paintings of magical animals. Dress for a “Unicorn” pony party on July 10th.

Session 2: “Artsy Chameleons” (5 days) July 15-19 (Mon.-Fri.)
Climb, play, jump and swing your way through a world of negative and positive space. Study practicing Dutch paper artist, Peter Callesen and Illustrator Tang Yau Hoong to create a world of reflection and defy reality. Imagine every space must become something. Cut, layer, build and stack to create paper sculptures, illustrations, paintings and multimedia optical illusions.

Session 3: “The Funky Art Movement” (5 days) July 22-26 (Mon.- Fri.)
Wonky, wacky whimsical art. Bend, stretch and twist the world around you. Paint, draw and sculpt your super stretchy illustrations to create art that is distorted, elongated and funky. Become inspired by Chinese artist Li Hongbo, Vancouver artist, Dana Irving, and our very own Dr. Seuss. Special Guest Visitors: Face painter and visiting Balloon Artist.

Session 4: “Musical Art Fest” (5 days) July 29-Aug 2 (Mon.- Fri.)
Illustrate, paint, sculpt and design a world according to your favorite tunes. Listen to music and imagine the people, animals, flowers and even the wind as they bend and dance to the beat of your favorite music. Study Russian artist Michael Cheval’s, “Sounding Silence” or Keith Haring's “Dancing figures” and create art that rocks and moves. Live musical entertainment during this week.

Session 5: “Fireflies and Night Skies” (5 days) Aug 5-9 (Mon.- Fri.)
Paint, draw, and sculpt your summer nights. Capture the neon glow of fireflies and the radiant light of campfires and smores. Dance with the fairies and sing to the moon. Study “Midsummer Eve” by Robert Hughes and Sandro Botticelli's “Primavera” to create a world of warm summer memories.


Registration Information:

Please be aware children must be 5 at start of the program.

If you are registering more than one child, please create a separate order for each child.

Students in the Half Hollow Hills School District are eligible to receive member discount.

No refunds after 5/15. Before that date a $50 non-refundable deposit per child will be retained per session. Students will be notified in the event of a class cancellation. Children are expected to be able to work within the structure of the program and follow directions given. If a child must be removed due to behavior issues, a refund will not be granted. No make-ups or substitutions.



2 ways to save:
1. COMBO: $20 off each session for families registering for any combination of 2 or more sessions (i.e.: 1 child in 2 sessions, 2 children in 1 session). Note: Exception: Early Childhood counts as 1/2 session. To apply discount when registering for multiple sessions or children, please click on the applicable discount listed on the registration page.

2. REFER A FRIEND: $50 Gift Certificate (issued after friend completes class). Your friend must be a first-time registrant with ALLI. To request gift certificate, please be sure to include the phrase “Refer A Friend” and the name of your friend in the comments section upon checkout.

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