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Register today for Fall 2020 Virtual Classes on our NEW online registration portal!
Please visit our new registration site and become acquainted with our new presentation, designed for greater ease of use.  It's best to activate your account well ahead of time to ensure a spot in the class of your choosing. We've done our best to ease this transition for you, so we have pre-loaded student names and contact information on to the site. When you log-in for the first time be sure to use the email address you have previously supplied to the Art League so you can more easily locate your account information. Please email if you encounter any difficulties. 

You can also use this site to purchase memberships, gift certificates and donate to the Art League's COVID Relief Fund.

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Please note: Students ages 16 & up may attend adult classes. Students under 16 are not permitted to attend adult classes: please refer to the Young Artists category for class selections.

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